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Starry Sky

The Beautiful Alchemy Journey

Are you craving deeper, higher, specialized attention in your spiritual and wellness journey? What if you were aligned not only to your highest self but also to the planet's values ?


Getting help and direction with your transformation because you know there's a more aligned and healthier you just beyond your reach. Imagine who  you could be if your day was built around higher vibrational awareness . Imagine getting guidance, loving support and community as you make the shift to the new version of you.

This is my #Jedi training for the #Superhero inside all of us! It is wholeheartedly dedicated to the art of SELF-discovery to find your true purpose, fulfill the highest expression of yourself and live your DREAM Life, as your most authentic self. Think of this as self care for your  spirit as well as your body.

What do You Get?


What is The Beautiful Alchemy Journey ?The healthcare system of Ayurveda is designed as a way to natural health and longevity and as a path to exploring who you are.We are designed to become wiser and more refined spiritually as we age, leading to better life choices. The Beautiful Alchemy Journey follows the template to longevity and wisdom laid out more than 5,000 years ago, known as Dinacharya. The Beautiful Alchemy Journey that I offer is a sacred container where you can explore new daily routines drawn from the healing arts of Yoga and Ayurveda

You will learn the secrets of :1. Eating in alignment with Nature's Rhythms.2. How to create a structured Bedtime Routine.  3. How to Start the Day clean and clear. 4. How to move according to your Dosha (body type). 5. The Power of plants as healers and medicine.6. Skin Care and its deeper meaning. 7. Meditation as a Psychic Tool. 8. Making Magic in the Kitchen - Ayurvedic Cooking. 9. The role of your 5 senses in intuition. 10. How to infuse Spirituality into your day.

If you’ve been feeling like there’s something “bigger” out there, if you’ve been wanting to dig deeper into yourself, if you’re ready to make changes in your life – The Beautiful Alchemy Journey is for you!

"You Were More Marvelous in Your Simple Wish to Find a Way, Than the Gilded Roofs of Any Destination You Could Reach ." 

David Whyte

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