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Testimonials - The Beautiful Alchemy Journey

What made you sign up for Beautiful Alchemy Journey?

"Like many around the world right now, I have been feeling a bit stuck and feeling like I needed something to help me get out of my rut - physically, professionally, and emotionally.

However, the positive for me during this covid time is that I've been digging deeper spiritually and philosophically, and this course seemed like it would be a nice compliment to that exploration I was doing. "

If you could sum up your experience in one or two sentences what would it be?

"The Beautiful Alchemy course has helped me jump start my life after being in a slump. While my life doesn't look much different from the outside, the awareness and intention this course has brought some basic habits along with the support of the course content, Nic, and the group have allowed me to make subtle changes that have cultivated a bit more peace and ease in my day to day. "

If I asked someone who knows you if there has been some alchemy what would they say ?

"I think so! My boyfriend has commented that he's been noticing me settle into a new routine and maintain the commitments I've made to myself around the habits. I've also been rubbing off on him, unintentionally. He's been following in my footsteps with Dinner and Sleep alchemy, which has only helped me stay more consistent with them."

Jacqueline 2021

How do YOU think you have shifted emotionally , mentally or physically ?

"I think I realized that the thought patterns and habits that I previously felt so strongly tied to, can in fact change. I think I learned to be more flexible and lenient with myself as I work towards progress. "

If you could sum up your experience in one or two sentences what would it be?

"I thought the course was actually life-changing. While the course was about developing specific new habits, it also forced me to reflect on the thought patterns and emotions connected to the current habits that were no longer serving me."

Did you have any concerns before coming into the course and were they put to rest ?

"My biggest concern coming into the course, and into each habit, was that I wouldn't "be good" at it, but a wise person once said, "nothing is good or bad, there are just qualities." This approach was really comforting throughout the course.

Jennifer 2021

The course felt personalized and not cookie cutter. I don’t like signing up for anything that makes me feel like a number… I like that there is a sense of community in the whole experience.

When people feel anonymous and not seen, there tends to be less accountability and less engagement. I feel that in our current environment, people are looking to connect.

I was looking for a meditation class, but I got so much more! Nic, you did a great jot of explaining not just meditation but also the various parts of Ayurveda knowledge base to complete the picture. I did not know that I needed/wanted to know about the other topics besides meditation per se.

Karina , 2021

Karina 2021

This course literally changed my life. I’ve read every self-health book out there but nothing, I mean nothing, impacted me more than this 10 week course. I enjoyed sampling different ways to be in my day and changed habits that have been with me for decades. Nic’s gentle, loving, humorous , authentic journeying with you as you follow the course and apply this ancient and profound way of life, makes all the difference. I loved it so much I want to sign up for the next round before the first one ended. Do yourself a favor and take a power step for your self and take this class “

Elizabeth, 2017

Elizabeth 2017

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