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Online Meditation

 The Beautiful Alchemy Academy  began with the intention of creating a space for Modern day health seekers who wanted to do deeper and more intimate work  with their yoga practice and self-development.

The Teachings are offered exclusively through the Marvelous Platform and allow anyone, anywhere, to benefit from curated knowledge and global community.


  • Introduction to Ayurveda

  • The Intuition Project 


  • Journey of the 12 Moons Yoga Nidra

  • The Beautiful Alchemy Membership


  • Dinner, Digestion and Intuitive Belly

  • Softening, Sleep and Moon Magic

  • Rising, Shining and Purifying

  • Exercising for your Dosha

  • Introduction to Energy Healing

Resource Hub

  • variety of Yoga, meditation and Philosophy classes.​

1:1 Sessions

  • Lifestyle Coaching and Yoga Support

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