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Classes in and Around Sebastopol

Although most of my work is in the form of ongoing online memberships and trainings, I do exist in real life and love teaching yoga, meditation and workshops. 

Here are all the places you can join me in Sebastopol or close by......

Yoga Nidra Event
26th November
deep relaxation and intuitive journeying

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Wednesdays 6-7pm

Coaches Corner 

All Levels Yoga Class

Sundays 6.30-7.30 pm

Soft Medicine

All Levels Meditation Class


Saturdays 9.30 -10.30 am

Coaches Corner 

All Levels Yoga Class

Private Dharma Sessions 

Intuitive readings and Bodywork

Booking Page

What Our Clients Say


"Nic's classes are profound. They messages she shares in her dharma talks always hits home a couple of days after the class. Her gentle yet dedicated approach is just what I need and I love her healing touch at the end of class - A true yoga teacher! "
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