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How to use the Equinox to find balance ....

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Today is the Winter Equinox (equal light and dark time) in the Northern Hemisphere and Sunday will be a new moon in Libra, the astrological sign of the scales of balance.

The good news in the bad news is ....

When we say we feel "out of balance", we are picking up cues from an internal wisdom navigation system that is very unique to you and finely calibrated.

If you are feeling "off centre ", ironically it's a gift - if you have that awareness, then there is also an awareness around what IS centred (in Polarity Therapy we use the term "right relationship" meaning in alignment with soul truth).

The 3 Key Energetic Principles of Balance - Rajas,Tamas and Sattva.

Rajas is the energy of expansion, movement, effort, +ve force. It's the inhale and moving into a pose. Tamas is the energy of inertia, inactivity and not doing, -ve force. It's the exhale and release from a pose. Sattva is the energy of harmony, balance, poise and no-thing (which is also all potentiality), equilibrium. It's the pause and the inner result of perfect balance between rajas and tamas. These are the three energies that keep everything alive and balanced from your body to the trees and planet.

Nature is always playing with these 3 energies to find equilibrium whether it is a sunny day after the rain or wanting to rest after hard work...... Even though balance/sattva can be hard to find and elusive, it's also what motivates us. Even nature shows us that, out of 365 days of the year, we only have 2 moments where perfect balance between light and dark exists.

In some respects Karma is like the 'bank balance' of our actions. And our beliefs can tip the scales.

Maybe it's the underlying vibe of the equinox that is at play where things are at a level playing field, allowing me to see both directions but recently I have been reflecting on one of my beliefs about "getting away with things" .

Like a naughty little child, I thought "getting away with things " was a positive attribute and prove how smart I could be, after all, who doesn't love to cut corners?

And then I began to realise that the trickster mind is actually pulling my energy in the opposite direction.

The dopamine hit that came with the belief that I can 'get away with'

- not studying (I'm smart enough)

- not putting much care into my health (my body looks good)

- not cultivating friendships ( I'm a naturally charismatic person, I don't need to try)

- not actually doing a practice ( Knowing is enough - I don't need to do!)

(and many others that would be better kept private )

has a backlash in terms of a deeper karmic debt that comes from the underside of "I can get away with " being an expression of EGO.....

In fact, I am not really getting away with ANYTHING because EVERYTHING is being recorded by my higher self. and she/he/it "knows" that for every "win" I have "getting away with it" , there is a flip side truth of me cheating and high-fiving my ego.

Consciousness only comes when we are ready - so I don't beat myself up for not seeing this earlier!

The quiet time in yoga practice, polarity energy work and meditation prepare fertile ground for these seeds (samskaras) to rise to the surface and reveal themselves so that I can eradicate the belief pattern and find better balance and integrity.

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