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Great daily yoga flows to clear negative energy

Updated: May 30, 2022

What are Energy and Vibrations?

Every human being is a living, breathing field of energy. Your body is made of particles that are in constant motion as they “vibrate” and create energy—this is referred to as your vibrational field. These energy fields aren’t just physical. They’re also spiritual and help determine how you perceive the world and how others see you. When your vibrations are positive and high, your entire being exudes a happy, healthy glow that others can feel, even if they can’t see it. By raising these vibrations in your home, you’ll experience a positive environment that fosters happiness and love.

Why is it Important to Clean Your Energy and Vibration?

When you clean your energy, you automatically raise your internal vibration to a higher level. As these levels rise, you’ll begin to feel lighter, happier, and more at peace. Doing just a few simple things can help keep your vibration levels higher and more positive—and the same applies when you make these changes to the environment around you. A higher vibration exudes happiness and is good for your health and well-being. Cleansing yourself and your environment of negativity and negative energy will help you feel at ease. The higher your vibration, the lower your stress levels, too.

How Sun Salutations can help to clear the Energy of a space.

Sun salutations are a remarkable and fast way to clear energy. The action of sweeping your arms up and down, as well as flexion and extension of the sipne (forward folds and cobra), on top of the backward/forward motion helps to clear and old negative ions not just in the body but also in the air.

Using your knife blades in Virabhadrasana 2

It's all about the intention. Trying using your hands in knife-like blades and sweeping around in circles before landing in warrior 2 as a way to cleanse your aura and get lymphatic fluid moving to help your body clear out it's own unwanteds.

Breath work to scare away the heeby-jeebys.

Lion's breath or Simha Pranayama looks silly but can make you feel empowered and strong - and noise disrupts stagnant vibration!

Benefits of Lion's Breath

All pranayamas help to relieve stress; some help to energize or calm the body. Studies suggest that regular practice of pranayama can actually help to relieve some of the symptoms of asthma, depression, and anxiety.1 You can practice lion's breath first thing in the morning to warm you up and increase your energy.

This type of breathing can also stimulate your diaphragm and vocal cords, making it ideal for singers while warming up. It could potentially make you feel more empowered and strong.

Finally a good old down to earth cleane out of space with windows open and light coming in will help lighten and lift the room and, in turn your spirits !

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